Our story

Discover the history of Médicis, the specialist in high-end garden furniture.


1992 - The beginnings of Médicis

It all started in 1992 for Médicis, a family business manufacturer and designer of teak outdoor furniture that is aesthetic, durable and functional.


At Médicis, family culture is a dominant value that occupies a solid place in our company culture. Indeed, this family value creates trust, respect and ethics that permeate every aspect of the business and build a strong and cohesive culture.


Furthermore, since the beginning of the History of Médicis, our company attaches the greatest importance to human relations with its customers, distributors and employees.

Indeed, for more than 30 years, we have been manufacturing products in 100% natural grade A raw teak, without any product or treatment, while ensuring the provenance and ethical value that underlies the manufacturing of this furniture.

Teak is engraved in the Médicis DNA. We ensure the provenance and ethical value underlying the manufacturing of this furniture. Indeed, for more than 30 years, our craftsmen have been manufacturing durable products in 100% natural grade A raw teak, without any product or treatment.

Our strengths

A family business manufacturer and designer of outdoor furniture


Family business

French family business on a human scale



With a dedicated team in Indonesia


Customer service

Available, responsive and attentive to customers



Order preparation by experienced operators


Protection and respect for the environment are part of our values. Since 2021 we have chosen to return to nature what we take from it by calculating the volume used during our production.


At Médicis, the commitment to preserving the environment is deeply rooted in our corporate culture.

We have taken concrete measures to contribute to the health of our planet.

In 2024, we are proud to announce that our efforts have offset 17,500 tons of carbon dioxide, demonstrating our commitment to promoting a sustainable future for all.


The structure and our warehouse are located in France in Saint-Ouen l’Aumône (95)

Logistics platform :


5,000 m² and 9 metres high

With a height adapted to maximise storage space and a spacious, functional facility dedicated to logistics and transport. Our warehouse is an essential pillar of Médicis.


3 000 palett capacity

Our warehouse offers an impressive storage capacity of up to 3,000 pallets. Médicis is committed to meeting the needs of its customers with intelligent space management, enabling optimum organisation of goods.


6 loading bays

With six loading bays, our single warehouse enables several logistics flows to be managed simultaneously, considerably reducing waiting times for carriers and speeding up the overall loading and unloading process.

Médicis France has a showroom

Showroom location and address : 14-16 rue de la Garenne, 95 310 Saint-Ouen L'Aumône

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