Modern Light Fixtures: Illuminate your outdoor or indoor space.

Explore our splendid collection of Luminaria lighting fixtures.

Discover our wide selection of decorative outdoor light fixtures Luminaria, designed to adapt to both outdoor and indoor environments. This range embodies the essence of our brand, combining practicality, nomadic design, and bursts of color. Among our offerings, explore lamps specially designed for umbrellas, elegant table lamps, waterproof and UV-resistant models, as well as Bluetooth-connected options, providing a modern and versatile lighting experience.

Our light fixtures: outdoor as well as indoor

Turn any space into a haven of conviviality with our luminaires, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to their elegant design and warm lighting, our luminaires create a cosy atmosphere, inviting you to relax and enjoy. Whether you want to illuminate your home with a soft glow or add a touch of atmosphere to your outdoor evenings, our lamps are designed to meet your needs, creating an unforgettable lighting experience.

Waterproof IP54+ LED lamp

Don't hesitate any longer for your outdoor lighting, you can create plays of light and thus use light and shadow as you wish in order to create different universes, whether in your garden, on your terrace, around your swimming pool or even on a small balcony.

A touch of elegance with our LED lamps :

It's possible to brighten up your outdoors with lights. With its sleek, modern design, our new collection of UV-resistant LED lights will make your outdoors shine. Decorate your garden, swimming pool, balcony and terrace with lights to create a unique environment.

Your exterior deserves to be illuminated:

Let our LED table lamps add an aesthetic sparkle to your home. With their chic, modern style, our LED table lights will enhance your interior design. Treat yourself to a cosy, welcoming interior with optimum visual comfort thanks to the dimming of the light. Rest, relaxation and relaxation are the key words for our lights.

  • Lampe LED Bluetooth

    Ref. ML-009

    Page 56 in the catalog

    Lampe LED Bluetooth
  • Lampes LED


    Page 54 in the catalog

    Lampes LED
  • Lampe LED boule

    Ref. ML-003

    Page 61 in the catalog

    Lampe LED boule
  • Touch on top


    Page 63 in the catalog

    Touch on top

The advantages of Luminaria LED fixtures light

- They are UV resistant. - They are waterproof (*IP). - Works with a remote control. - Some are equipped with a synchronizable Bluetooth speaker. - They offer between 9 to 16 colors depending on the lamp. - Possibility of changing the intensity of the lighting. - They will find their place both in your interior and in your exterior.


Waterproof IP54+

UV resistant


9 to 16 colors

The lamps can be controlled using a remote control


Outdoor - Indoor

Practical, nomadic, design & colorful


Bluetooth speaker

Synchronize the lamps with each other, as well as the music

The IP index

IP protection standards, or "Ingress protection" in English, are derived from an international standard set up by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) relating to watertightness. They first appeared in 1989. It should be noted that this code corresponds to the degree of protection required for a piece of equipment. In fact, if a luminaire is used outdoors, it is essential that it has several levels of protection to enable it to withstand external aggression, given its intended use. These standards are there to indicate to the purchaser the protection afforded by the product they wish to buy. It is presented in the format: IP 67. Each element is pronounced "I-P six-seven". Sometimes, letters can also be used. For example, IP2x. This means that the device is protected against ingress of solid objects larger than 12 mm, but the "x" indicates that protection against ingress of liquids is not required for its use.

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Yes, outdoor lights are weatherproof. They are made with specific materials and finishes that protect them from humidity, rain, snow and sun. However, it is always recommended to check the product specifications to ensure its resistance to outdoor conditions.

These lamps are UV and water resistant, can be controlled remotely via a remote control, include a built-in Bluetooth speaker, offer the ability to adjust light intensity, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Yes, outdoor lights can be used to highlight specific garden features, such as trees, sculptures or fountains. Projectors, spots or recessed lighting can be installed to create different atmospheres and guide visitors along the paths.

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