Premium Aluminum : The art of lightness and elegance

Discover the timeless elegance of Celestia Premium Aluminum products, enhanced by the harmonious fusion of acrylic rope and sumptuous Sunbrella cushions. The combination of the strength of aluminum and the delicacy of the rope creates a modern and refined aesthetic. Sunbrella cushions add a touch of luxurious comfort while withstanding the elements. These artistic creations embody the quintessence of design, providing an unparalleled visual and tactile experience.

Celestia stands out for its practicality, meticulous design, quality finish and modern touch.

Whether you're looking to enhance your garden or brighten up your home, our fashionable collection is the perfect match for any space. An elegant marriage of contemporary design and functionality, it offers a striking aesthetic that adapts to your preferences. Add a touch of style to your everyday life, whether outdoors or indoors, with this versatile range designed to enhance every corner of your home.

The world of outdoor furniture welcomes a sparkling new star

Fusing celestial grace with refined design, our collection transcends elegance into your outdoor spaces. Each piece embodies sophistication, durability and comfort, ensuring a luxurious outdoor experience. Imbued with divine inspiration, these creations are the perfect marriage of aesthetics and functionality, elevating every outdoor moment. Enjoy a personalised paradise where beauty meets practicality for an unrivalled oasis under the open sky.

The Fusion of Aluminum and Acrylic Rope

The Celestia collection is characterised by its harmonious combination of aluminium and acrylic rope. Aluminium, renowned for its lightness and resistance to corrosion, forms the robust structure of each piece. Combined with acrylic rope, a modern and elegant material, this fusion creates a perfect marriage between functionality and aesthetics. Precision-woven acrylic rope adds an artistic touch while ensuring ergonomic comfort. What's more, this rope, selected for its UV-, moisture- and weather-resistant properties, guarantees optimum durability while adding an elegant texture and a soft feel to the touch.

The “Celestia” range represents the perfect alliance between contemporary aesthetics and remarkable durability

Each element in the Celestia range embodies the harmony between modern design and functionality. What's more, the armchairs and chairs in aluminium and acrylic rope combine strength and lightness, creating elegant pieces. These top-of-the-range materials offer exceptional resistance to the elements, ensuring remarkable longevity while retaining their sophisticated aesthetic. The outdoor sofas in the Celestia collection invite you to relax in absolute comfort. The subtle marriage of lightweight aluminium and woven acrylic rope creates clean lines and enveloping shapes, offering a luxurious and welcoming relaxation experience. The final touch of luxury is provided by Sunbrella cushions, renowned for their weather and water resistance. These cushions guarantee superior comfort while retaining their new look, even after prolonged exposure to the elements. The Celestia range gives you the freedom to create outdoor spaces that are as sumptuous as they are unique. Let yourself be seduced by the contemporary elegance and premium craftsmanship of the Celestia range.


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Explore beauty and elegance with Celestia - where every moment becomes a star in your own sky outside

Celestia transcends the boundaries between ordinary outdoor furniture and sophisticated excellence. This range brings a touch of luxury and refinement to your outdoor spaces, while guaranteeing comfort, durability and style. Discover the Celestia collection and let yourself be transported to new horizons of relaxation and conviviality under the infinite sky.



Modern materials



Resistance of Aluminum



Sunbrella Experience



Indoor - Outdoor

Spacious for Incomparable Conviviality

The wide outdoor sofas in the Celestia range are designed to comfortably seat your guests. With their clean lines and generous proportions, these sofas are the perfect invitation to relax and socialise outdoors. The armchairs in the Celestia collection gracefully blend aluminium and teak. The teak armrests add a warm, natural touch to the ensemble, creating an exquisite fusion between contemporary design and the timeless elegance of wood.

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Acrylic rope offers a number of advantages, including lightness, weather resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, chemical resistance, ease of maintenance, durability and aesthetic appeal.

Aluminium Premium Celestia features high-quality finishes that give the product an elegant look and enhanced durability. The integration of acrylic rope provides lightness, weather resistance and easy maintenance. Integrated Sunbrella cushions offer superior performance in terms of UV and water resistance, adding comfort and durability.

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