The Excellence of Wrought Iron : Exploring forged elegance

Browse through our collection of modern wrought iron Trianon products.

Explore our striking collection of wrought iron Trianon garden furniture, created to bring timeless elegance to your outdoor space. Find inviting chairs for optimal relaxation and functional tables for al fresco dining. At Médicis, each piece in our selection embodies the perfect marriage of comfort and style, transforming your garden into a place of beauty and charm. Opt for the sophistication of wrought iron and redefine your outdoor experience with our furniture, designed to create memorable moments in your personal or professional oasis.

An ultra-practical collection

In designing this exceptionally practical, fully foldable range, our preference was for a high-quality, durable paint in a chic, modern grey-green hue. Each piece embodies a harmonious marriage of functionality and aesthetics, offering an elegant and practical solution for your contemporary everyday life. Wrought iron, used with finesse, adds a touch of sophistication, creating objects that are both modern and practical. This collection embodies the perfect marriage of form and function, meeting the demanding needs of a contemporary lifestyle.

Wrought iron is a material prized for its timeless charm and resistance to the elements.

Designed to withstand the elements, our products face intense sun, persistent rain and the rigours of winter with grace. Durability and longevity are at the heart of our commitment, ensuring that your outdoor space retains its refined charm throughout the seasons. Embellish your garden with the assurance of furniture that combines functionality with exceptional aesthetics.

As well as being beautiful and robust, our wrought iron garden furniture is also versatile.

Wrought iron objects embody versatility, adapting easily to a variety of decorative styles. Whether in a romantic garden, on a modern patio or on a rustic terrace, their elegance blends in harmoniously. Give free rein to your creativity to create a distinctive and welcoming outdoor space. With their ability to transcend trends, these wrought iron pieces add a contemporary touch, redefining the outdoor living experience.

Wrought Iron Chairs & Armchairs

Our wrought iron chairs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer exceptional comfort. Ergonomic backrests and well-padded seats ensure a pleasant sitting experience, allowing you to spend hours of relaxation in your garden. Furthermore, the strength and durability of wrought iron guarantee that these chairs will remain in good condition for many years. Our tables are both functional and elegant. They provide ample surface space for hosting your outdoor meals, family gatherings, or evenings with friends. Whether it's a sunny breakfast or a romantic dinner, our wrought iron tables add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor social moments.


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  • XUNA

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Easy to clean

Our foldable and lightweight wrought iron furniture ensures easy storage. Teak maintenance is explained in our dedicated section. For acacia, use exotic oil every two years. For rust on the iron structure, repaint with matching rust-resistant paint. Protect them in winter to prolong their lifespan. To maintain teak, simply wash it with water and soap. If you want to let it naturally gray, use Marseille or black soap. A saturator with a cloth is recommended.


Wrought Iron

Robust, resistant, and aesthetic


Ultra pratique

The Trianon collection features high-quality and durable paint, and all products are fully foldable.


Easy maintenance

To extend the lifespan of your products, we advise you to shelter them during the winter months.



27 mm section trays

Create an outdoor space where style and comfort meet.

Enjoy pleasant moments outdoors surrounded by furniture that embodies elegance and charm. Turn your garden into a place of relaxation and conviviality with our superb collection of wrought iron garden furniture.

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Wrought iron garden furniture offers durability, classic aesthetics, a variety of styles, customization options, minimal maintenance, adaptability to different outdoor spaces, and longevity with proper care.

Yes, wrought iron garden furniture is generally weather-resistant, but it may require regular maintenance to prevent corrosion and rust.

To maintain wrought iron garden furniture, regularly clean with warm water and mild soap, dry thoroughly to prevent rust, apply a protective varnish or rust-resistant paint, inspect regularly for damage, and make necessary repairs. During winter, consider storing the furniture indoors or covering it with a protective tarp.

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