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Teak has been part of the Médicis DNA since 1992. We make our products from 100% natural raw teak, without any products or treatments, which allows them to age and take on an attractive grey tint that requires no maintenance.

Cette image représente le logo Sunbrella, Sunbrella est une marque française qui confectionne des toiles en acrylique. Nos produits en Teak possèdent des coussins Sunbrella.

The history of teak

Teak (tectona grandis) is native to continental Asia, imported by Buddhist monks around the year 200. Teak is a rot-proof tropical wood renowned for its elegance, quality, natural beauty and resistance to insects, disease and the elements.

We offer products with polyester cushions as well as a luxury version with acrylic cushions made entirely in France.

Don't bring your cushions inside! The foam and wadding are French and covered with a Sunbrella® acrylic fabric woven in France.

The cushions are made to order in a French workshop, without horizontal seams, which prevents water from seeping through the seams. In addition, they offer fantastic protection against fading, mould and the elements. The fabrics of the cushions are water-repellent and stain-resistant. Water splashes are no longer a problem.

Teak sunbed

Discover the ultimate in comfort and refinement with our exclusive collection of teak pool beds. Made from top-quality teak, these beds are the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics (luxury version available).

  • América

    Ref. MU-017D

    Page 14 in the catalog

  • California

    Ref. MU-016

    Page 16 in the catalog

  • Bali

    Ref. MU-018D

    Page 15 in the catalog

  • Transatlantique

    Ref. MU-002

    Page 20 in the catalog

  • Nasayah

    Ref. MU-015

    Page in the catalog


Teak tables, chairs and armchairs

Whether you're enjoying a meal with the family, relaxing with a book or simply taking in the beauty of nature, our teak tables, chairs and armchairs are the perfect choice for your garden, terrace or patio.

  • Pliantes

    Ref. -

    Page 33 in the catalog

  • Angoula

    Ref. MU-550

    Page 29 in the catalog

  • Nidilys

    Ref. MU-264

    Page 26 in the catalog

  • Magnolia

    Ref. MU-400

    Page 27 in the catalog

  • Minao

    Ref. MU-104

    Page 22 in the catalog


Lounge area

Discover our exclusive range of teak lounges, designed to create elegant and comfortable relaxation areas in your garden or on your terrace.

  • Ensemble Kassi

    Ref. MU-611 & MU-612

    Page 12 in the catalog

    Ensemble Kassi
  • Fauteuil Divano

    Ref. MU-621

    Page 11 in the catalog

    Fauteuil Divano
  • Coussin Sunbrella

    Ref. Nimbus

    Page 7 in the catalog

    Coussin Sunbrella
  • Mubally

    Ref. MU-600L

    Page 9 in the catalog

  • Ensemble Divano

    Ref. MU-621 & MU-613

    Page 10 in the catalog

    Ensemble Divano

The advantages of teak


Weather resistance

Teak is naturally highly weather resistant, making it an ideal choice for outdoor furniture.


Exceptional durability

Teak is a hardwood that does not warp easily, guaranteeing a long life for teak furniture.


Timeless aesthetics

Teak's rich grain and warm tones give the furniture a timeless elegance that complements a variety of decorative styles.


Easy care

Teak requires minimal maintenance. Its natural oil protects it from insects and rot, and over time it develops an attractive silvery patina.

How to care for your teak ?

Teak wood is naturally resistant to decay and external aggressions due to its natural oils. This is not the case for younger or lower-quality woods. Teak furniture will age gracefully, acquiring a contemporary and timeless silver-gray hue. Teak is also known for its resistance to pests, diseases, and fungi. Therefore, no additional treatment or product is needed if you choose to let it age naturally.

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Without maintenance, teak will age naturally, turning a silvery grey. It requires no maintenance other than regular washing in soapy water. If your furniture is dirty and clogged (black and greenish marks), there are wood cleaners available, in particular our Teak Cleaner.

Teak's robust, homogeneous structure is often compared to oak. In the 17th century, it was sometimes referred to as Indian oak. Its strength and durability make it particularly suitable for garden furniture. However, oak is not as rich in oil and sap as teak. It tends to crack in periods of prolonged drought. It is said to be a splitting wood.

We give back to nature what we take from it. In fact, we calculate the cubage of Teak used in our annual production, so we replant more trees than we take from Indonesian Teak plantations.

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